EI – Micro Project 4: Exquisite Glitch

Original, featuring my feet which showcases a bad habit of mine – my incessant need to dig at my nails and skin.
Edit 1 by Azizah who’s really good at glitching things up as we can see from how this edit looks nothing like the original already even though this is merely the first edit.
Edit 2 where the colour palette has changed. It still looks like a digital glitch – a virus – but the colours have been inverted such that it is brighter now.
Edit 3 by QIstina. I realise Qistina likes using liquify after she discovered it and as a result, the photo now looks like paint mixing instead of a computer glitch.
Edit 4. Here, the digital characteristics have returned in the sense where it’s pixelated. This is the last edit but I feel the biggest jump was still between the original and edit 1 as compared to the rest of the edits.


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