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Single… but not keen to mingle.

A guide to navigating singledom


The Who

Singaporean Singles ~35 and above?

The age people are starting to be considered “left on the shelf”

Primary Audience – Singles (narrow down to age necessary?)
Secondary Audience – Relatives

Also consider:

Split into gender? (In China, there’s Sheng nv but no Sheng nan)

The Why

To debunk the idea of “shelf-life” amongst the older generation and encourage a new generation of independence and help singles with what to prepare emotionally, financially, psychologically, physically

Government policies are always to encourage marriage because population needs a boost
Also more women than men, so statistically not everyone’s going to get married (= target women instead?)

The What

Address social, gender themes in our current society, tell people it’s now okay to be single, marriage does not have to be a priority

The How

Consists of a Singles Starter Kit full of How-Tos, guidebooks, etc.

Look into policies that discriminate and/or beneficial to single people.

Keywords to research on:

  • Left on the shelf
  • Matrimania
  • Singlism
  • Sheng Nv
  • Self-sufficiency
  • Single-at-heart


  • The Price of Being Single

    Single people face discrimination in the workplace… and are generally held in lower esteem than married counterparts. Singlism and matrimania are the result of cultural insecurities. Perhaps counterintuitively, DePaulo thinks that the prejudice against single people and the hysteria about marriage are an outgrowth of our insecurities. “If the benefits of marriage were perfectly obvious to people, we wouldn’t need all this hype around it,” she says. The benefits marriage used to confer can now be attained in other ways: single women can have kids, sleep with partners without anyone batting an eye, and support themselves. To say marriage is a good choice for those who genuinely want it is one thing, but to believe that married people are unilaterally better off than single people is, DePaulo suggests, to betray a deeper ambivalence about what makes marriage a worthwhile decision.
  • Singled Out by Bella Depaulo
    How Singles Are Stereotyped, Stigmatized, and Ignored, and Still Live Happily Ever After

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