Product Design II: Self Field Trip

Harvey Norman and Courts:

Dyson Supersonic HD01 Hair Dryer 

In the fast pace society we live in today, every second counts and girls like me with thick and long hair spend many minutes waiting for our hair to dry with most hair dryers. Hence, this particular hairdryer which is supposedly designed for fast drying drew my attention. This hair dryer uses special air multiplying technology to create a high pressure, high velocity jet of air that exits its amplifier, hence tripling the amount of air and pressure it exerts. It also uses intelligent heat control to prevent heat damage while reaching optimum drying temperature. As a bonus, it also comes with attachments for styling and customised applications – fast drying, regular drying and styling.


Karcher VC5 Cordless Premium Parquet Handstick Vacuum Cleaner

Karcher VC5 Cordless Premium Parquet (White) Handstick Vacuum Cleaner

As someone who stays in hall and only requires vacuum cleaners for tiny crevices that cannot be reached with my mop, a portable handheld vacuum cleaner is extremely useful. It guarantees more freedom of movement as it does not require a power cable – something to consider especially with my limited power points in the room – and this particular model has a battery power that lasts for up to 60 minutes as compared to other brands and models which only go up to 30 minutes. It can also be halved in size, a good feature for someone with limited storage space. Most importantly, it also has a bagless filter system, which means money saved on replacing filter bags.



Gustav Carlberg

Gustav Carlberg is a Product Designer who works mainly with interior products. His design philosophy seems to follow the Supernormal movement of which he believes in “Basic products where the functions define the character.” and “A straight forward approach to function and flow in your daily life.” He used to be a designer with Ikea of Sweden but as of now, he has started Carlberg Design since the start of 2018.


VEBERÖD Bench IKEA The cushion enables you to sit comfortably on the bench when doing things like talking on the phone or putting on your shoes.

This bench is a perfect example of the designer’s philosophy with its unassuming storage system, one might never suspect it’s meant to be a bench as well, until they sit on it and discover it’s additional purpose, hence, making the design even more spectacular. The design is also flexible in the sense that the storage space can be moved either to the left or right so that the customer may choose the position that best suits their respective homes. It’s also simple and hence easy to place and match amongst other furniture already owned in the home. It’s dual function where it also serves as a storage function also makes it practical in many of the compact homes we have today, saving what limited space we have in order to have more space to move around and not have a cluttered home.

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