VC – Creative Response: Cubism, William Morris and Dada



I chose this piece as it reminded me of the kind of print I always see on Singaporean aunties such as the one below. I actually really love it when the elderly wear these bright coloured fun prints as I feel that most of the time, they can be quiet soft spoken and introverted, hence most of the time, I like to guess what kind of personality they could possibly have based on their choice of clothing print.

Image Source |×1024.jpeg


The following piece is my Dada inspired depiction of the melting pot culture of Singapore where we have a mish mash of different races forming our society and traditions.

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  1. Muhammad Shaherfi Hadi
    November 10, 2018 at 5:25 pm

    Your Dada response is really good eh ! I love the composition

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