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Project one brief is about an introduction about myself. A lot of thoughts ran through my mind about these but i have decided to choose the following few to represent myself. Take a look around!

Hello! And my name is… ORION/OREO
hello 2


My name is ORION. More commonly known as oreo. This tend to happen as my name is quite unique and many people have difficulties pronouncing it when we meet for the first time. Most of them would mistakenly pronounce is as ORY-ON as opposed to Oryan as its supposed to sound like. I have decided to use this mispronunciation of my name as a part of my typography to portray the difference between the real me (As illustrated in Black) in contrast to the fake me (As illustrated in Red) The reason for this is that my outward appearance is not really who i am on the inside. People always take how others look for the first impression, but that may not be who i really am on the inside. In this case, people see a tall and (somewhat) muscular guy who they presumed to be very outgoing and sporty, whilst in reality i am more quiet and reserved.

Hello! And my name is… ORION!

hello 3


I like to talk. A lot. And most of the time i would do that without thinking too much about the consequences of what my words my bring about. I hate this part about me, but i cannot kick this habit. It is a natural part of me which i am sometimes known to be insensitive about. I would say something, but would regret it immediately after. In this abstract illustration, i put the brain in my mouth to show that i am not using my brain as i speak, and that most of what i say were not processed by the brain, because that part of my body is not where is should be, and is thus nonfunctional during a conversation. I really hope that i could one day be more sensitive about the words i say and that people would not take offense to the words i say.

Hello! And my name is… ORION!

hello 4


This simple comic projects how university life is like for me so far: disoriented and confusing, so much so that i could not even differentiate between day and night, which hour is it, and whether or not i should be sleeping. My world has turned upside-down (As shown by the moon shaped clock hanging from the top) The equations and formulas that replaced the places where numbers were supposed to be to indicate the time of the day were all jumbled up, hence showing my poor track of time management and the inability to juggle all my schoolwork. The crooked clock hands revealed my weariness and fear as time goes by, as everyday brings new challenges which may proof too much for me to handle. It is only in my sleep that i am truly peaceful. Life will be better once i have a better control of my time management.