1st poster
final 7


Inspired by surrealistic momvents where one can seemingly reach the sky. It has always been a man’s dream to be able to touch the sky with his bare hands, as with that of dreaming to travel in the skies like how they travel in the seas with boats. This surrealistic painting struck me as something that is filled with hope, and therefore I used this as inspiration for my first poser.

2nd poster




This painting by Rene Magritte inspired me in this next poster because of the way on how the window is portrayed. In our age, window represents a barrier, an insight to another world which we cannot enter. In my poster, I illustrated the invisible barrier as indicated by the window, and with it, the entrance to another world based on our imagination. This imagination is differentiated from reality by the half-tones which I have used. I summarises the children’s desire and hope of finding a fantasy land some day and living in it.

3rd poster
test 3

andy warhol

4th poster
final 13.1

Based on the painting “Great American Things” by Andy Warhol, I was inspired to create a poster filled with repetitions of the same model, by alternating between the black foreground and background. However, I did not want to diminish the significance of the star in the poster, so I choose to replicate the female figures instead. This is to emphasis just how many people wanted to have their dreams come true, and how significant is that one star in their lives.

Below, on my second poster inspired by the same artist, I have tried to duplicate the stars and make my subject, the woman, a singularity. However, the significance of the star is diluted. They act as a distraction to the audience, and the meaning of the poster is undermined. I decided to not use this poster.

5th poster

Silhoutte of man standing on a beach at sunset

Silhoutte of man standing on a beach at sunset


6th poster
final 16 1

A dreamy landscape filled the the justaposition of many planets in the background (or moon in the case of my poster) is to create the sense of illusion and otherworldly-less in my poster. Something that is surreal and imaginative. Closer to heart and yet at the same time far from reality. This dream-like landscape is what I wanted to create.

However, with the use of illusions and duplications to create this environment, grey scales were forcibly used, and ultimately I have to discard it due to its presence. ALso, i’m not satisfied with the craftsmanship in this poster.

7th poster
final 15.2


The hands in this poster are as ubiquitous as the campbell soup cans found in the poster. They exist in different forms, and they are everywhere. They all have different colours and tones, as reflected by my hands in the poster. Some of them have different pose as well. This is used to indicate that those hands came from all walks of life, they all have different backgrounds (coming from different directions) but they all have a common goal (reaching towards the star)

However I chose not to use this poster because I cannot find a suitable way to illustrate the star, and the hands’ interaction with it.

8th poster
final 19

surrealistic painting

Most surrealists make use the sea as a part of their composition, and I want to illustrate the significance of it as well. The sea contains many mysteries, and is seemingly a representation of the black void which we interpret as the Space, where the stars dwell. I thought it would be interesting to establish that connection.