Final poster 1
final 6.1

hand towards sky


I wanted to illustrate the desperation in the which the hand want to reach up to reach for the stars. The desperate hands are scrambling for hope in the sky. The scene is emphasised on the star so that their significance is diminished as compared to that of the star.

Final poster 2

wish upon a dream

Based on the inspiration from cartoon film makers, I wanted to depict the type of hope that a child would portray. Kneeing by the window side, staring at up at the starry nights, wish upon a dream gives us an insight to our childhood, and how we would pray for a wish to come true when we were once a child. The half-tone shadow of his larger self depicts his inner desire, which is much larger than the actual him, reaching out for the stars.

Final poster 3
final 9


Inspired by the picture of an angel, I wanted to capture something that is not physical, but whose effects is emotionally felt. We cannot see angels, but we feel their presence. The positive radiance emanating from them is something that could only be felt. But what they stand for still remains clear. Angels are representations of hope, justice and joy. A dream come true. By centralising the angel, I directed the focus of the audience on the angel, and what she clutched in her hands; A star. Filled with hope.

Final poster 4 —————————————- Final poster 5
final 12 final 10.1


The juxstapositions of the objects in this painting is obvious. The huge expanse of clouds portrayed as a pair of closed lips. In my poster, I played with the idea of the human parting the Earth’s crust to reach out towards the stars. That his will is bigger than his strength, just like how the love of the couples in the painting is greater the star that shone through the clouds. It depicts his determination, his drive and his desire to have what he wanted. Just like how the love of the couples envelopes even the star.

Final poster 6
final 14

super surreal

The swirly clouds in this painting struck me as particularly surreal and dreamy. Almost like its from a distant dream, waiting to eclipse with that of the imagination f our minds. In my poster, the swirly clouds of the thought of a person combined with the clouds, developed into a reality. He longed for this moment to occur, and yet did not notice it. This is similar to the idea of having a bubble in the painting. It is a sphere of imagination. If you were to remove that bubble, would those trees still exist? or do they exist only in the bubble? It is a question in which can only be answered by your own thoughts and opinions. It is however you wish it to be. Some people might imagine that the tree would still be there because the clouds inside the bubble and outside are the same and intertwined. But it could also be that the clouds might have existed in the sphere as well.

Final poster 7
final 8


Every Christmas tree has a star on it. That star depicts hope, dream and everything which one has desired since they were a child. This is why the subject matters present in my posters are children. They look up to the star in hopes and awe. They dance around it, with aspirations and joy and yearning. They rejoice and welcome its warm presence, which is why I used light rays. Light rays represents warmth and closeness to the heart, which is precisely how the children are feeling now. I introduced two children in this case to balance the proportions of the poster, as well as to create movement. It is as if the children are interacting with each other as they are interacting with the star, sharing their gasps of awe and admiration for the star. Communication could be heard between the two children, their joy could be felt.

Final poster 8
final 17 1

hope surreal

At times, hopes are not all positive. There are instances whereby a children would feel down, burdened by the worlds. In my poster, I want to create that down feeling which we may experience from time to time because of problems which are bigger than us, and that we feel entrapped in our own spaces with no way of escape (Like how the subject matter is being cornered into part of the poster). One can reach out for him, but he can never grab it because he is trapped in from all sides. The sense of negativity is over-whelming. But hope is always there. He needs to pick himself up and grab it.