Lines & Interpretations | Final Project First Iteration

Lines and Interpretations,

Final Project Idea:

The final project aims to create a digital abstract line drawing in a 3D space. Additionally, the audience is able to control their perspective and observe the illusion of different elements and nuances that were not seen in the previous viewpoint.

First Iteration

For the first iteration, I will be focusing on the basic mechanism of the system. There will be two parts of the basic mechanisms:

  1. Create a fluid path movement similar to Casey Reas’ Path
  2. Translate the logic of William Anastasi’s Subway Drawing generative system into the code

The First Block of the Code: The Path system

The first blocking of the code aims to create a visually dynamic moving line using Processing’s particle system. As the particles move around the canvas, they leave a trail of lines. The behaviour of the particle was created with references to my exploratory sketch, with less complicated characteristics and solely focusing on the fluid movement of the line.



The Second Part of the Code: Inserting the Abstract

Next part of the code aims to create the abstract mechanism. The idea is to create an abstract drawing based on the movement of the particles. Therefore, I extended the length of the lines, and if the lines reach a certain length, it will fade away to prevent an overload of lines.






The illusion

The generative art was designed to allow the audience to view the abstract path in 3D; therefore, at every different angle, the audience will see a new perspective and meaning of the art. This will be better illustrated in a live demo.

Live Demo 


Further Progress

Different Colours to the Lines?


For my next iteration, I will be exploring the implementation of different colours to different groups of lines, and examine how the colour combinations can play off one another, and in turn how they can influence the viewers.



  1. Fine work, and looking forward to seeing your demo!

    A quick suggestion and a question:

    Gradual fading out (or fading to background) of a prolonged line from its end to the beginning (to its directional point) will be more effective than reducing its size. If you can make that fade out effect, than you can apply it to some particles and keep the shorten effect to some other particles to see how this combination would work. Alternatively, you can apply the fade out effect to all particles since it will be looking better visually.

    How do you plan to translate the logic of William Anastasi’s Subway Drawing generative system into the code?
    I suppose this would entail introducing some inertial forces into the system.
    For a start, look up this section of Daniel Shiffman’s The Nature of Code.
    Also, search the keywords such as acceleration, friction, inertia on Processing forums.

    Hopefully you will have time to address some of these before class (if you haven’t already done so).

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