Lines & Interpretations | Final Project Second Iteration

Second Iteration

For the second iteration, I was focused on improving the visuals of the lines and made two significant changes.

  1. Implement different colour for different groups of lines.
  2. Increased visual width of the lines, when the lines are viewed closer.

Implementation of Different Colours

Lesson from my exploratory sketch, the colours in this project will not be changing continuously to avoid confusion. However, colouration will be statically applied to be distinct to all members of each line group. I explored with different colours and chose colours that contrast well with a white background.

Colours: Red, Yellow-Orange & Grey-Blue


Colours Mixing 

Additionally, based on the audience’s viewpoint, there is also a subtle colour mixing when the lines of different colours are aligned with each other. Nonetheless, the colour mixing was not made explicit to the audience, because I prefer such nuances to be discovered through the audience’s perspectives and remind them that there is always more to learn in this art.

Example of colour mixing

There is a green line in the sketch (left side) created not by code, but through an overlay of two different lines.


Video Example


Width of The Lines

For the next implementation, I took Prof Dejan advice on increasing the width of the lines when it is viewed in close up (zoomed in). Initially, I had some problems implementing the code using Processing’s mouseWheel() function because the way the function works and the data produced from scrolling was not suitable for my project. Hence, I came up with a simple solution of modifying the strokeWeight() based on the camera distance calculation, which is controlled by scrolling. I will be showcasing this during the live demo.

Live Demo 

Further Progress

For my next iteration, I will be attempting to implement a function whereby when the audience moves around “something” happens. However, I have not yet think what that “something” could be because I do not want to complicate the essence of this sketch; therefore, this will be an idea on hold first.

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