Movement with Neurons – Exploratory Generative Study

Video Examples




Essentially, these two videos depict the fish movement, but more precisely, it is based on an invisible path that is created from the connection of multiple fish neurons.


“Soon, so many neurons are interacting in so many different ways at once, that the system becomes chaotic.”


Generative systems often include chaotic behaviour. Like the fish, while the neurons of the fish is a simplistic system following a strict sequence of cause and effect, there is a dynamic nonlinear and unpredictability element.


Generative Sketch

Therefore, for my chosen medium, I will be using Processing whereby I will be exploring the feasibility of particles to simulate the movement of the fish.


To do so, I will be learning ways to create particle simulation and on how to move particles in a unison manner. The unpredictability element comes from the procedural coding,

  1. whereby the manipulation of the number of particles,
  2. the characteristics of the behaviours of the particle (Separation, Alignment, Cohesion, Speed)
  3. and the size of the boundary will offer a new result.


One challenge I foresee will be the manipulation of the characteristics of the particle to achieve a desirable outcome, such as moving the particles in a unison manner. However, that is part of the learning journey and I look forward to the challenges that lie ahead.





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