Movement with Neurons – Second Iteration *Updated*

Sketch Exploration/Changes


Reactive Trails

I have modified the particle trails to be more reactive based on its speed. For example, particles that are moving slower will have a shorter trail; particles that are moving fast will have a longer trail.

Initial Appearance of the Sketch

The initial sequence of the sketch is modified, whereby particles will “explode” with some particles leaving outside the sketch window, and slowly transit to the various school of fishes. I aim to create a perception of chaos at the start, whereby it slowly transits to groups of fishes. The live demo will better illustrate my point.



Different Species

I have included different variations of particle behaviours. The particles create their group, but there are also instances whereby the particle moves alone. Particles may also eventually leave their group to join another group or proceed as an individual particle.

Small changes

  • Particles now can leave outside the sketch window
  • Particles have different generated behaviour based on the rules of the algorithm
    • E.g. Speed, groups, separation, etc.


Introducing a “predator” to a school of single species to influence the shape dynamics.

  • I tried to introduce a “predator” as suggested by Prof Dejan, but somehow my code always crashes whenever I introduce a new particle system with a distinct set of behaviours. I am assuming that the library of the code only allows one particle system, and I may have to find other alternatives to create the “predator”.

Next Iteration

  • Will be exploring on incorporating colours into the particles
  • Add a background music
  • Will explore 3D Geometrics for the particles (hopefully it doesn’t crash)

Demo of the Simulation


  1. Good progress, Samuel.

    In addition to my previous suggestions that you still may want to try and work out, here is a simple one, applicable to both 2D and 3D geometries: different colors for different species.

  2. Very good!

    One of the possible elaborations of the particles’ behavior is to add some wiggle to their trajectories. This can be a slight sinusoidal offset to the main trajectory vector of the particle, with some inertia to the tail. Fish locomotion:

    However, this one is more on the aesthetic side, so first explore the enhancements that we discussed previously.

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