Our Box Project

Front view.
Side view (left).
Side view (right).
Back view.

Continuing from our previous assignment – to create textures, we were tasked to work on a box project in pairs. For this box project, we are to use textures and colours to create a sculpture which evokes the emotions and/or best explicitly represents the self-given theme.

For our project, Randi and I chose the theme of a ‘Carnival‘.

National Gallery Singapore

10th February 2018, Saturday.

People in the Gallery. Colours of Impressionism.
Colours of Impressionism.
Colours of Impressionism: Pointillism.
Students gathered in front of painting.
Painting by Raden Saleh.
Painting by Raden Saleh.
Painting by Juan Luna.

We went on a trip to the National Gallery Singapore to learn more about the pieces from the exhibitions: Colours of Impressionism and Between Worlds: Raden Saleh and Juan Luna. Through this trip, we learnt more about how an artist uses colours to create moods and to bring across messages.

Black & White Compositional Cut-outs

Black & White Compositional cut-out – Part I (Savoy Ballroom)
Black & White Compositional cut-out – Part II (Lindy Hop: Solo Jazz)
Black & White Compositional cut-out – Part III. (Lindy Hop Aerial: Toss-out)
Black & White Compositional cut-out – Part IV. (Lindy Hop Aerial: Hip-flip)
Black & White Compositional cut-out – Part V. (Lindy Hop Aerial: Lindy Flip)

1st February 2018.

Brief: Create a sequence of 5 black & white abstract pictures that relate to each other. This compositional organisation must show: Symmetry/Asymmetry, Balance, Scale/ Proportion, Emphasis, Movement/ Rhythm, Unity, Repetition, Harmony, Contrast. 

Instead of creating an absolute narrative compositional story, I decided to create pieces which showcase the dynamism, joy, and a brief history of Lindy Hop – a dance which I picked up during my freshmen year of University and have continued since then.

Lindy Hop is an American Swing partner dance which originates from Harlem, New York, in the 1920s-30s. Lindy Hoppers typically dance to jazz and electro-swing music, and wears vintage outfits – think The Great Gatsby: flappers, suites, suspenders et cetera.

If any of you are keen to find out more about Lindy Hop, do check out the video below. Tanya & Sondre’s Fly Me To The Moon is one of my favourite Lindy Hop routine thus far!