Week 15: Final Project ( concept, picture and video)

Final Project: as i choose the topic A-“Art Forms in Nature” Biomimicry: Gather your inspiration from the many images of Ernst Haeckel and create a work of art to adorn the body. The geometrical shapes and natural forms seen in the illustrations of Ernst Haeckel have influenced artists, designers and architects to this day. Concept:My main concept is focus on nature form of dandelion and lycorisradaita. I inspired by the nature flower, Lycorisradiata. It has very unique and elegant appearance.One of the special things about […]

Week 14-Wearable Technology Final Project evaluation

use the foam block to make the holder to secure the motor:      steps to secure the wires:   deco of the belt: steps to do the electric parts: plan and draw the circuit     use the fabric to cut all individual parts to secure the battery and lilypad    use conductive thread to link them together      steps to testing the motor: steps to sew the zip:  programming: 

Week 11: Prototype Fittings and adjustments

Steps to make different layers: sewing the two parts together cut the edge the small layer is done sewing the big layer pin the different layers together to see the overview pin the small part to the main piece then sew them together edit the bottom part sew them together cut the big curve sew the two parts together finish the 70% of the bottom of the main piece put the two fabrics together then cut slowly add the different […]

Week 9 and 10: Final Project Production

concept of technology part: use paper to draw out all different patterns and pinned them on the mannequin: after pinned all the parts, then started to do the individual part, firstly, I started with the front part: transfer the pattern to the fabric, cut and sew the two parts, after finished, the inside part then started to the outer part, then started to the back of top part, start to the bottom part, the outer layer is almost done. after […]

Week 7: Final project Production Development

This is our first production class,   first, i need to find the correct pattern to suit my design. then trace the design onto the paper after that, cut the pattern pin the pattern onto the fabric cut the fabric prepare two exact the same set prepare the sewing machine, sew them together, but leave the back, do not need to sew first prepare 6 structure bones, then sew onto the fabric. Then correct the other dress. Put right to right […]

Week 6: Concept Development for Final project

After a few discusses, researches and developments, I focus my concept on dandelion and lycorisradaita. as I introduced lycorisradiata previously, so I m going to talk about dandelion. I  want to use dandelion, to create a piece of dress called ” life of dandelion”, I want to use light to represent the big chance. A dandelion flower head composed of numerous small florets (top). It will fly to many places, so to the certain extent, it is the form of a transformer. So translating the […]