Music Sensor

Emulation Pair Work Project
Pearlynn & Esmond

Our reference video, “The Piano Stairs –”

This fun, interactive staircase mimics a piano, and plays the corresponding note when people climb the stairs. Each note corresponds to a single step.

We took the idea of people walking to create music and emulated the major scale (Do, Re, Mi, Fa, …) into 8 sections. When the participant steps into one of the areas, the note assigned to that area will be played. More than one person can take part at the same time to create a melody, as shown in our second video.

We could use this emulation as an installation in ADM’s lobby to measure human traffic flow. For example, we can determine:

1) A person’s walking direction (whether upscale or downscale in piano terms)

2) The speed of their walk (through how fast notes are played). The sound played creates a musical ambience which could invigorate joy in students.

Thank you and enjoy!

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