Vocaloid: A robotic singer software

VOCALOID is a singing voice synthesis program that lets robots sing when you input music and lyrics into it. It initially started out with English and Japanese voices and has since branched out to Spanish, Chinese and Korean. When the developers felt that the voice program needed an image, they created “Hatsune Miku” who gained much popularity thereafter. Check out her holographic concert below!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FoTd918zhZc]

2 thoughts on “Vocaloid: A robotic singer software

  1. Kamarule

    This is absurd! It’s crazy how so many people could cheer for this cartoon character! I just don’t see the reason behind this and this just shows how popular these character can become. However, in terms of project management, it has successfully attract thousands of people so I got to give them credit.

  2. Vivian

    I think this would be a project that gather much contrasting feedback from people! I think it’s pretty cool, but also really absurd at the same time. It would be interesting to hear an explanation from someone who is in that crowd as to why they are so into it! It would be also interesting to know what the creators were thinking, why was a “mainstream” singer not enough for them that they wanted to created a character and robot to sing?

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