Something that really caught my attention during the film is that while it’s styled to resemble a documentary, the characters in the movie have never looked into the camera or overlaid a narrative to explain their discourse.

My first question:

  1. Were the characters and their actions scripted in general?Follow ups: What was your instinct that you know you have to capture the moments if they were not scripted? How would you know if the film is going to end in a particular way as it is not planned?

I also noticed that the main protagonist was working on 2 projects … it showed us a large built environment in contrast to the homes of the villagers in the mid-late part of film. I probably felt it was too big of a jump and wondered:

2. What are the reasons for having placed the large construction site in the beginning if it wasn’t shown at the end?

Despite that, I thoroughly enjoyed the used of cutscenes to focus on the rocks and other nature attributes. Where I grew up in Singapore, I don’t get to see much of natural landscapes and a serene environment so this film particularly helped with the visuals and it is very very different from what I watch on the big screens, especially with visual effects and plot-lines. This question may come as very straightforward but I do wish to know what came to your mind pre-Karst.

3.  Why this project?
Follow ups: What had made you intrigued with stones? Why this particular architect? Why did he liaise with families to construct the home for the rich man?

Okay I’m out. Kamarule stole most of my questions.

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