Large Scale Artist Playground Project

A 2 person project about managing an artistic theme park. Similar to Banksy’s Dismaland. A combination of art of different mediums turn interactive. The theme can revolve around many topics, but I would be interested about the past, present and future. The concept of time, (or something else). I figured this can be done in a pair work, we can curate art works that fit into the theme and also manage budget, space and publicity issues.


Individual project

I have had a bad experience with hospitals since young. Ever since my recent hospital trip which had a 4 hour waiting time at the A&E, I thought about creating a game about the situation.

I was thinking of a interactive, storyline-rich, indie game revolving around “A&E” where it stands for Amber & Emily, two mysterious girls who are ‘lost’ in the building. They tackle you amongst all other grimacing patients because only you can see/hear them. You as the player, gather clues around the building to stop their harassing and also solve the enigma around the two girls. At the same time, you ensure you do not miss your Q to visit the doctor …

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