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More pitching


“A game with no rules”
Traditionally, games have a fixed storyline and players play it through the end, overcoming obstacles along it’s path. For this game, the “no rules” aspect enables the character to have choice to build it’s own story and discovering how their choices affects the game end.



“Finish it up!”
I would like to create a web-based documentary on food wastage. Centring on hawker centres and canteens, we see how the average Singaporean eat and if their leftovers can be minimized!



“YXBA” (rough working title as it’s the buttons on a controller)
A game-centered website/blog catered towards the Asian market, its a community hub that game designers can showcase their works and also sell it! It works as a avenue for gamers to check up on the latest talk of the local games we have. Best thing of all, it’s free.



“8Dy” – An apparel design interactive webstore.
Always been designing graphics about fantasy like characters and weird things. For this individual project, I hope to make an interactive platform that allows the buyer to see the process of work being made thru a “loading bar”.

Inspired by Domino’s Pizza’s & McDonald’s delivery process, I plan to do the same for my project. NTU’s campus webcam is also fairly useful to check if there are crowds in canteens during rush hour.

This loading scene contains animation and real footage of their shirt being printed, it is streamed/snapshotted through their order page and users can request to download the package of images/videoclips when package is being shipped.

This project hopefully motivates the buyer to see the hardship in the making of the product and also treasure the things they buy more … and also know exactly where on Earth it is.

Perfect Pitch

Pitch 1:

Using $500, ADM facilities and a year, I plan to design a first person narrative game that uncovers the mysteries of the other characters in the hospital at night. This would be a solo project and I plan to focus on my strengths (of design and animation) first before tackling on the programming aspect.

Pitch 2:

“Be A Hero” is one of the recurring themes of movies this year, I thought about how ordinary citizens can go the extra mile for others. I am encouraging a smartphone app that works as a Social Networking Service to gather menial “Jobs”/”Tasks” that have been set by others or themselves so that people near them can be the hero of the day and making their mark in others’ lives.



Pitch 3:

Pair work, $500 budget, 1 year. I am using the previous example set by Erik and I 2 weeks ago: Cycle NTU initiative, that enables student to rent bikes using their matriculation card and park it somewhere else not only as a means of transport but also a networking app to check out which faculty a student is from/inter-school ranking system of who had cycled the most.