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Alter the altar

Answering the question;
How does Candice Ng’s work contribute to the ongoing public discussions about identity, in the context of Singapore and South-East Asia?


Ng brought about pieces of memorabilia as depicted in the work, “Alternative Rituals of Remembering”. The shown items; a bowl, hot water, chocolate, stirrers, cotton swabs and Chinese funerary items, generates the general attitude towards the piece and in it, she expresses feelings of longing for the parent. In comparison to traditional Chinese customs of burning paper money in a container, Ng had first melted chocolate in the bowl and later reapplied it on the paper money. She had forged a new bond for the item and opened our minds to how we can use the paper money in such an unconventional manner.

The concept of the project is unique and it links to her previous work, “Trying to Reach You with Chocolate”.

[vimeo 39110961 w=500 h=290]

In both art pieces, she used the chocolate, a form and symbol for remembering her father as they both sneeze when eating it. She created a chocolate ‘memory’ and may continue to use it for her future projects.