Journal Week 2: Africa

It is difficult for me to imagine a peaceful Africa in the past where the people living in that continent was fed, taken care of and has the luxury to produce art. My impression of African has always been that it is a place of war. Blood diamond, a film in 2006, portrays a more accurate Africa instead of the stereotypical “Hakuna Matata”.

I remember back in 2011, I understood what really is happening in Africa: Congo’s corrupted governments, Somalia privacy issues, Earthquake in Haiti, etc. The countries of Africa are unable to provide their people with proper amenities for their daily lives; in my point of view, it doesn’t seem to be a place where art could be preserved and born (art has always been a luxury).

Salt Celler

The ivories of Africa makes me feel that maybe in the past there was a time of peace in Africa, where people do not need to fight for the land and resources. The ivories tell so much stories about their culture and also the amazing ecosystem that has been there. The saltcellar shows the respect for foreigners that came and they are a harmonious group of people that allows their culture to be influenced. It makes me always sad that in the past, Nigeria might be a place where people have been welcoming. Today, Nigeria is suffering from major social unrest, food and water shortages. And with more pressing issues at hand, there is no way Nigeria is producing art of the similar quality again.

Sometimes, I wonder if the travelers to Africa broke the culture, divided their lands, enslaved them and destroyed the peace. The current Africa, is not as beautiful.

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