Week 1 | Research Questions + Planning

A. Research Questions

1. Primers – movie watching in general

Their most recent movie experience? (When/which movie?/which cinema/around what time)

Any cinema preferences and why? (asking in terms of service/experience/ is there a cinema they always go to?)

What do they usually do after watching a movie?

How do they feel emotionally and physically after watching the movies?

2. Exit hallway

What are their expectations of an exit? (IMPORTANT)

What do they like / do not like about the exit (IMPORTANT)

What do you do in the exit hall? (e.g waiting for friends, toilet, discussing the movies?)

How long do they spend in the exit hallway?

3. Observations to take note

Social activities happening in the exit hall (e.g waiting for friends, toilet, discussing the movies?)

Traffic Flow / How are cinema exit halls connected?

Spatial Elements of the exit hall

B. Planning


  1. Field trip: mapping the exit hall of at least 3 cinemas, noting traffic flow, spatial conditions, what people do, how long do they stay there
  2. Interviews: aim to get 10 – 12 respondents in total by next week. Document their answers in table form, highlighting common keywords.
  3. Literature research: find out possible technologies to employ and any other related projects.


  1. Reflect on Week 1 findings and IDEATE different idea, select strongest 1 or 2 ideas to work on.
  2. Design new questions based on specific ideas
  3. Quick mock-up/ sketches of the ideas to ask people during phase 2 interviews (down to 5-6 participants)
  4. Collect responses from new questions


  1. Fine tune design solution based on responses from week 2
  2. Create a specific narrative to test, more elaborate mockup in terms of visual/audio
  3. Test in ADM Fire exit corridor

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