3 Ideas for Semester Project

  1. Cinema Exit – the overlooked part of a cinema experience.

grand entrance & movie hall vs. narrow, scary exits.

[ image of exit to be added ]

images from http://jodulu.blogspot.sg/

I feel that the last touchpoint of going to the cinema is currently ignored and there are many things that can be improved. In Singapore, usually at the end of a movie session at a cinema, you follow a path behind the exit door of the theater.

My personal observation is that most people do not know where they will end up at the end of the exit path, which is normally a fire exit of the mall. This creates a bit of anxiety and annoyance if you end up at a much further destination than you wish. This is even worse at late night movies where you need to rush to catch the final trains/buses home. One idea is a smart and concise navigation helper that only display specific information users need.

The exit way is also a great opportunity to offer a little surprise for moviegoers even after credits. I am thinking that it is a media that extend the movie and its characters beyond its ending point – like a digital meet and greet or interactive after credits…

  1. Table reservation at food court


From our food court field trip, our group realizes that many people leave their belongings at the table as a form of reservation. This method creates an opportunity for thieves and anxiety for the user who leaves their belongings. Secondly, I also observe that while table-sharing with strangers is a common practice at food courts and hawkers in Singapore. However, the process seems to be a little awkward, sometimes slightly intimidating.

I would like to come up with a system that makes table reservation a pleasant and graceful experience for customers, making it less competitive or awkward with others during peak hours.

  1. Location-based game for bus traveler while waiting for bus



image from http://www.topdetectivegames.com

While there are already many applications to reduce bus waiting time by giving commuters information on bus arrival and departure schedule, many still spend time waiting at bus stop. This could be habitual or a failure of the existing apps to eliminate the need of waiting. Either way, bus waiting still exists and is a boring experience, especially with a long wait.

Perhaps a location based game can be design to entertain commuters at bus stops and interchanges, help to alleviate the boredom of waiting for bus and bus riding.

I’m thinking of something along the crime education direction, detectives-style game. Information on actual missing pets, belongings, persons….etc that need public attention can be used.

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