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1. SciO – Consumer physics.

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It is the world’s first affordable molecular sensor that fits in the palm of your hand. SCiO is a tiny spectrometer and allows you to get instant relevant information about the chemical make-up of materials around you, sent directly to your smartphone.

2. Nitrate (NO3) counter – SOEKS

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3. Kuaiso: smart chopstick – Baidu


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The smart chopsticks, called Kuaisou, can test food for safety issues. It’s limited to sampling the oil to detect dangerously substandard cooking oil – one of all too many food safety issues plaguing China – but it’s still an interesting and practical tool

3. Food origins tracking device – Nguyen Thi Hong Minh

link: this-62-year-old-vietnamese-entrepreneur-is-using-foodtech-to-eat-safer

An electronic traceability system for Vietnam’s farmers and consumers 

How it works is farmers and the processors, the middle men who buy from producers, log information such as product origins and how it was processed into TraceVerified’s software. The data, which is compiled into TraceVerified’s first product “TraceReport,” is accessible via QR codes on product packaging — which consumers scan using a mobile app.

Vietnam’s water pollution crisis showed how little transparency exists 

TraceReport will help farmers build product credibility over time 

4.Quick-test kit – Vietnam government

kit 15types pour-water testing

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