Field trip 1 + Interview #1

A. Field Trip 

Location: Jurong Point, Golden Village, cinema Hall 2.

Time: 7:10pm – 9:20pm

Movie: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

B. Interview #1

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Participant: Male, 24. Software Engineer.

  1. When is your most recently watched movie? Which movie?
    Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. 1hr ago.
  2. Do you have any cinema preference and why?
    No, I prefer watching movies in my own room at my own comfort. I would just go to a nearby cinema if I have to.
  3. What are the factors that you think are important for a cinema?
    Environment-wise, I think it should be quiet enough with little distraction. You go to a cinema to watch a movie, so, of course, good visuals and audio is a must. It should make you feel immersed in the movie. I will try to get seats that are not too close or too far from the screen.

    While I usually go to the cinema with friends, I still feel like movie watching is a 1 person experience because you don’t really talk to others when the movie is screening. It is not very interactive in that sense. I think most interactions happen afterward when we discuss the movie we just watched.

  4. What do you usually do after watching a movie?
    Normally I do not decide to watch a movie on the spot. Most of the time movie watching is planned before the outing and normally it will be the last thing we do if we go out in the evening. Occasionally we will have a meal afterward if the timing is right.

  5. Do you stay back for after credits?
    Only for Marvel movies. Otherwise, I will just leave. But it also depends on the friends I am going with. If they stay I will stay. I think it is not critical to stay back because if you need any information you can always find it online.
  6. How do you feel (emotionally and physically) after watching a movie?
    I feel like I have sat for too long. But it is ok in general. I think movie watching is relaxing and if I am physically tired I would not even go to the cinema in the first place. So, even if the movie is 2hr or more, I dont really feel exhausted unless the movie is extremely boring.

    Emotionally, depending on the movie, I usually have some feelings linger at the end. Sometimes I would also think about the parts I dont understand or parts I find impressive. I think this also signals the quality of the movie. If you don’t feel anything after watching, it is probably sucky and there’s nothing to remember.

  7. How do you feel about the exit hall post movie?
    I’m actually quite indifferent about the exit. I don’t really like or hate walking through it. But at the end, I felt a bit lost and I needed to do some walking to relocate and know where I was. I rarely get into that situation in Jurong Point because I am familiar with this mall.
  8. Have you ever gotten into a situation that you have to catch last Public transport after a movie? How did you feel about it?
    The last time I watched a late night movie, before buying tickets I had already known I would miss the last bus and had to walk home so it was ok. I did not really rush or anything. Did not feel anxious at all.
  9. If you can change something about the exit hall, what would you like to change?
    It would be great if the exit is shorter and ideally I would like it to lead back to the cinema lobby because it is easier to navigate. The current exit is also quite boring for me, it does not feel like a part of a shopping mall.

    I think it would be nice to make it such that you can discuss movies with your friends better. In that way, it would be ok even if it is a long and boring walk.
  10. What do you usually do in the exit hall?
    I always talk to my friends about the movie. I rarely use my phone. As for walking I actually just follow the people in front. I don’t really pay attention to signages.
  11. How do you feel about the following ideas to improve the exit hall?

    a. Navigation to be displayed on walls
    I think this has to be very concise and somehow repeated after each turns of the corridor or something like that. I feel that if not careful there would be too much information and noone will read it.

    I think this idea depends on viewers’ familiarity with the place. If they are already familiar with that particular shopping mall, they can self-navigate and it does not really add value to them. I guess it works for people who are new or do not often go to the place. It also depends on how your signages are designed. For example, if you just tell me this exit leads to Carpark B, I would not be able to tell where that is anyway.

    b. After credits / new movie trailers screened on walls
    I do not think this is a good idea. If you screen a video, it might obstruct the flow of people exiting the cinema hall because some will watch and some won’t. This also kind of removes the choice whether they want to watch it because it will be screened to their eyes anyway. I think I would prefer a slightly more relaxing environment right after a movie, not too much of moving visuals. I think some music or background sounds are ok.

    c. Simple rating system for viewers to express their feeling about the movie

    I think this is better because interaction time is short and it does not require much effort. I think the challenge is giving people a motivation to participate in this rating thing, make it accessible to those who want to do it and not obtrusive to those who do not. I think it can be fun too.

    Overall, I think the exit hall needs to be more interesting but not bombarded with visuals or information.

Author: Ava P.

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  1. Good interview.  What are your conclusions from the interview?  What did you learn that you didn’t expect?  One thing I thought was interesting is that your interviewee didn’t want to be bombarded with images and text after exiting.  So how does that effect your project goals?

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