Interview #7

Participant : Female | 24 | business.

  1. When is your most recently watched movie? Which movie?

Sausage Party if the question is about the last movie I watched in cinema….

Suicide squad if the question is about the last movie I watched in general.

  1. Do you have any cinema preference and why?

Yes. Bishan GV – convenient to go and it’s near bf’s house lol.

  1. What are the factors that you think are important for a cinema?

My concern for a good cinema is the cleanliness, sound system, location and appropriate temperature. I don’t like going to cinema that has trash all the way from the entrance to the hall. Everything must look clean, nice and shiny. Secondly, I like cinema with high quality sound system, obviously the quality of a movie depends on how good the sound can be projected to the audience. Thirdly, location is super important, cannot go to a very far away cinema and especially if it’s far from mrt. Finally, please temperature must not be so cold. I hate it when I go to watch a movie and it’s freezing there.

  1. What do you usually do after watching a movie?

Go back and sleep…

  1. Do you stay back for after credits?

Yes yes, if I know that there is after credits and all people are waiting for an after credits. If no news, I’ll just leave. If the movie is good, I’ll sit a little bit more and enjoy the credits, trying to find Vietnamese name among the name list of people contributing to the making of that movie.

  1. How do you feel (emotionally and physically) after watching a movie?

Depend on each movie. In general, I feel ok physically. But emotionally it really depends.

  1. How do you feel about the exit hall post movie?

I feel uncomfortable walking in the exit hall. It looks dirty, dark, and it’s like in a horror or tragic movie. After watching a movie, I would try to find an excuse like going to the toilet to walk out by the main entrance.

  1. Have you ever gotten into a situation that you have to catch last Public transport after a movie? How did you feel about it?

Nope, my housemates and I like to watch late night movie and we all end up walking half an hour home. In other situation, I don’t feel any rush to catch the last bus/train at all.

  1. If you can change something about the exit hall, what would you like to change?

Just let us get out by the main entrance.

  1. How do you feel about the following ideas to improve the exit hall?

a.Navigation to be displayed on walls

No need, I can find way out. I just hate the exit hall.

b.After credits / new movie trailers screened on walls

Not necessary, I just want to get out. It may make me more confused maybe.

c.Simple rating system for viewers to express their feeling about the movie

This can be done before the door out… no need to be at the exit hall.

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