Lore: Valley of Death (VoD)


This is a world set in the Wuxia universe. In order to aid you in understanding the lore, here are the meanings of some of the terms you will see in this post.

武俠 (wuxia) – (Martial / military / armed) + (honourable / chivalrous / hero)
江湖 (jianghu) – A community of sects and heroes
侠客 (xiake – A martial artist who follows the code of xia
绝谷 (juegu) – Desperate valley or Valley of Death
绝谷主 (jueguzhu) – Owner of the Valley of Death

Now, onwards!

100 years ago, humanity fell to a new low.

江湖侠客 (Jianghu heroes) slowly became obsolete. Some were jaded by the hopelessness of the situation, while others were blinded by money, power and greed. 武俠’s code of chivalry soon became forgotten and ultimately, lost.

This 100 years of dark period saw the rise of powerful evil sects who thrived because of the widespread corruption and their unorthodox martial arts. However, 10 years ago, majority of these evil sects were destroyed by an unimaginable force. People celebrated, thinking that this power came from an honourable source and that salvation had finally arrived. They have never been more wrong.

The unknown force swept in and called itself king over a large piece of land that was inhabited by kind and hardworking folks. As the sect never revealed its identity, people referred to it as 绝谷 (juegu) and their new overlord as 绝谷主 (jueguzhu).


The area is separated into two parts:

  1. The valley which houses the tall mountain the sect resides in
  2. The large town situated at the bottom of the valley

Unlike its name, the valley is not dreary or dull. In fact, it is populated by many beautiful flowers and plants, and the valley is always in bloom all year round. Its beauty attracted many people to wander in, but none has ever made it out. That is because the flowers and plants that grow there are as deadly as they are beautiful.

In comparison, the town is rundown and falling apart. Diseases linger in the air and poverty is the norm. The rich are filthy rich while the poor are left to die. And the question remains, is the state of this town really due to the sect? Rumours are rife, but after all, they are only rumours.

Current situation 

Not much is known about the sect leader except for the fact that they are practicing a secret martial arts manual that can help them to breakthrough to the highest level. By then, their power would be unrivalled and nothing could stand in their way again.

You are both sent by the alliance of all the remaining orthodox sects to invade the Valley of Death, destroy the manual and kill the sect leader. However, things are not looking good for a smooth start. For one, ordinary people cannot survive the journey up the perilous mountain. Not only that, nobody knows where the secret manual is. Most importantly, nobody knows anything about the sect leader, not even their gender.

But there’s a silver lining after all. Having lived in the town for two months, both of you found out that members of the sect will descend from the mountain to the town every 3rd week of the month. And they have only one mission, to collect the two living sacrifices from the citizens.


The both of you are the living sacrifices that will be offered to the sect. You have full control over your character creation, including your back stories, personal motivation for this mission etc. Please include the following:

  1. Name
  2. Appearance
  3. Attribute points (Strength // Agility // Intelligence)
  4. Skills and/or weapons

It is up to you if you want to include your back story.

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3 thoughts on “Lore: Valley of Death (VoD)”

  1. Name: Xiuyu
    Gender: Female
    Attributes: Strength (2), Agility (3), Intelligence (3)
    Skills and Weapon: I’m a swordman.
    Background Story: 5 years ago my master was killed by one of the sect’s member. My older brother went after them and never returned. I suspect they killed him. I’m here to not only avenged my fallen master but my brother as well.
    Appearence: [OOC] I drew mine but I don’t know how to post the picture

  2. Name: Sheng en
    Gender: Male
    Attributes: Str (2), Agi (4), Int (2)
    Skill set: Stealth. Throwing knives, bow, short sword.
    Background: Orphaned after his parents were killed by the 绝谷 (juegu) for being part of the evil sects, he lived on the streets for years angry and afraid, often killing for pay to stay alive. After an unlikely meeting, a sympathetic individual saved him and invited him into the alliance. Now being sent on this mission,he seeks redemption for both his and his parents past, as well as answers about the mysterious 绝谷 (juegu).

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