Lore 4: Architecture

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The town at the bottom of the valley is densely populate with houses that are packed very close to each other. However, due to the rampant tyranny by the corrupted officials, a lot of families and people have been killed and hence many of the houses are left vacant.


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This is probably what the exit of the town into the forest that surrounds the valley will look like. A flat wooden bridge will connect the back of the town to the entrance of the valley.


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Inside the town will be main roads and many narrow alleys. During the day, commoners will come out and set up make shift stalls by the side of the road, selling crops, commoners’ desserts and other kind of food. Due to the hard life in the town, entertainment such as molten candy sculpturing are rarely seen.


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This will be the kind of houses the rich will live in.


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It is not easy to find the location of the sect amongst the poisonous floras and faunas, but if you walk in the correct direction, you will eventually be able to find a pathway that can lead you to where the sect calls home.


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Sect members’ living quarters are arranged accordingly to which division they belong to. The houses are all interconnected and to travel from one division’s quarter to the other, one must utilise the bridges that are built all around the enormous villa.


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The Science division conducts their experiments, research and manufacturing in tall pagodas such as the one in the picture.


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This is the parade square in front of the main hall of the sect leader’s living quarters. Every morning, young members will come together in front of the parade square for training. Throughout the days, the younger members will be allocated cleaning duties which involves trimming the shrubs and sweeping dead leaves away from the floor.


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In the center of the sect leader’s abode is a garden that is exclusive to them.


Most of the architecture in this world are built using rammed earth, stone, and wood.


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