Excursion to Harvey Norman

Comparison of two products with the same purpose

Both of the products are coffee makers. While Kenwood took a much more simple and conventional approach to a coffee maker — incorporating the usual components, the Dolce Gusto took on a more futuristic approach and strayed far away from the regularity of a conventional coffee maker. I prefer the Kenwood coffee maker to that of Dolce Gusto even though the latter is more daring in terms of design approach. This is because Kenwood’s appear to be more straightforward and easy to use. The aesthetics of Dolce Gusto appears to lean more towards the emotions node because of its attempt to invoke a sense of futurism, while Kenwood leans more towards the function node.

Trends observed includes a return to vintage, less mechanical/intimidating aesthetics, more round edges, and bright and pastel colours.

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