[Reflection] Future World

As I caught a virus that has been going around the school, I unfortunately did not manage to visit the exhibition. Thankfully, I have visited the exhibition prior to this. Therefore, I will be reflecting on my past experience instead.

The thing I absolutely loved about the Future World exhibition is how it was able to immerse viewers into a different dimension. Everything was just so lovely and beautiful that one can’t help but feel that they have stepped into another world.

When I was there, the work that stayed with me the longest was definitely the waterfall. 

It might not have as much interactivity as all the other works there. However, standing right in front of it, and looking up, I couldn’t help but be awestruck. At that moment, I felt as if I was insignificant compared to the view in front of me. I feel that this is something valuable, the ability to take your viewers’ mind away from everything else and to just immerse in the work itself.

The highlight and showstopper of the exhibition, there’s just something about entering into a space and being surrounded by dancing lights.

The inspirations I took away from this exhibition would be immersing the audience into a space, and how to convey the intended message without being explicit about it, which is something I feel that we definitely need to work on. But most importantly, I hope our installation will be able to leave the audience awestruck, just like the waterfall.

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