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When Timothy Nohe unveiled all his equipments, including that really cool looking television, I already had a feeling that whatever he was about to show us next would be really awesome.

I was very mesmerised by how he managed to conjure up so many beautiful visuals just by effortlessly twisting the knobs and inserting wires into different ports. I thought, “how simple this looks” but then the equipments surrounding him reminds me that though it looks effortless, the process behind achieving this must have been really tedious.

If there’s one thing, and only one thing I could takeaway from Timothy’s Nohe’s presentation, it would be allowing the audience to come out after interacting with your piece feeling as if they had accomplished something. As if the beautiful thing they left behind on your installation is the result of their hands.

I think this is something that is very important. We talk about user experience right? But most of the time, at least from my experience, I have never walked out from an installation feeling like I have experienced something satisfying. Even for the infinity room, the reason why I was awestruck is because of my obsession with light and how infinite it is and how small I felt in that room. That’s part of the experience, but I can’t help but wonder how can we do more?

Therefore, I feel that allowing the audience to have a hand in creating your installation — be it beautifying it or removing a piece of it, or shifting things around — is really an experience that will leave them satisfied after coming out of it, and at the same time, stay in their memory for a much longer time.

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