[Response] The Design of Everyday Things

In the first chapter, Norman introduces us to the concept of Human-Centred Design (HCD), as well as two of the most important characteristics of good design — discoverability and understanding, and the six fundamental psychological concepts that discoverability encompasses: affordances, signifiers, constraints, mappings, feedback, and conceptual model.

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第二章:The Ritual


Their/they is used in place of he/she/his/her/etc because the gender of the sect leader is still unknown


After Xiu-Yu came back from her exploration, the both of you were blindfolded once again and led to another location. In the horse carriage, the both of you exchanged the information you had gotten.

Although Xiu-yu had managed to sneak out of the room, she didn’t get to find out a lot of information as the place was heavily surrounded by highly skilled guards. Sheng-En though, was more successful.

From the conversation he had with the servants, he learned five important things:

  1. The entire week, starting from when the sacrifices are brought in, is called the Sacrificial Week
  2. It is the only time lower rank sect members have a chance of catching a glimpse of the leader, but only if they are lucky enough
  3. During this week, the sect leader will convene a meeting with the 5 division leaders
  4. Every sect members have to consume a poison that only the sect leader has the antidote to
  5. The antidotes will be disseminated during the meeting and the sect leader will also help each division leaders to level up their skills


Sheng-En also learned that obedient sacrifices get a chance to survive, but that all depends on the whims of the sect leader’s head attendant, one of the few people who are allowed to stay by their side.

However, the both of you don’t get to ponder for long. You have already reached your destination and must now get out of the security of the carriage. As the servants took out your blindfold, the both of you realise that here is where the real ritual will take place.

The both of you are once again cleaned thoroughly before being kept in a wooden box where only one of your arm is exposed. You are then transported to a simple yet elegant room. The first thing you both noticed is the silhouette of a person behind a translucent screen. Other than the fact that they seem to be sitting in a full lotus position, the both of you are unable to determine anything else.

At the raise of their hand, the servants at the side grabbed both of your arms and made a deep cut. Your blood flowed down heavily towards the bronze bucket at the bottom. It is only then that you noticed the bronze buckets and how they are connected to two long tubes that reach behind the screen to where the sect leader is.

For the next few hours, the both of you are left in this position until the figure behind the screen got up and left. By then, you are already nearly drained. In your last moments of consciousness, you see a young teen who had been in the room since you entered, approach you. And you hear the servants address him as “head attendant.”



The ritual will take place for two more days before the both of you are no longer needed. You have to gain the liking of the head attendant and convince him to let you stay by his side.