Point of Departure

  • Abstract

Creation. Every part of our body can be traced back to the genes that defined us. At that sacred moment in time when we were born, the combination of the two DNA halves containing genes from our parents provided all the information necessary to define, create and sustain us which will then be pass down to our offspring.

  • Design/ Methodology/Approach 

This project is an abstract installation relating to the science behind DNA. The mystery of our genes and how each of us are unique but still connected in ways, ways that we couldn’t imagine and unite us altogether as well as how our genes defined each of us.

Objectives of this project is achieved mainly through interactive visual effects and audio recordings.

The visual part of this project is done using Houdini, a procedural content creation tool mainly for film, games and TV.

While the audio will be done through live recording of the environment/ambient sound and voices of humans.

Interactive part is still an option as to whether I’ll be able to transfer my work to TouchDesigner, a realtime software mainly used for installations,  a visual development platform that equips you with the tools you need to create stunning realtime projects and rich user experiences.

  • Originality /Value

I hope to explore the mystery of our bodies and how it works through this project. Even though its an abstract installation which might only exist in thought or as an idea without having any physical or concrete existence/evidence, but I hope to be able to reach out to the audience and to let them experience and relate to my art which seeks to achieve the effect using visual effects.

Keywords: DNA, Human, Genes, Genetics, Creation, Genome, Cells, Organic, Living, Microorganism, Inheritance, Molecule, Reproduction, Development, Biology, Chemistry, Homo


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