Art Science Museum

Upon reaching the Art Science Museum, we were greeted by enthusiastic hosts who shared the exhibition with us. Though small, we managed to spend a good amount of time interacting with the installation.

There were a few exhibitions which stood out. Of which, my personal favorite was the first room we entered. The user experience was well thought out. The dark enclosed room accompanied with music and abstract ‘dancing’ visuals provided an experience like being in a personal 3D theatre.

Next on the list is something less abstract and targeted towards children. Having said that, it does not mean grown-ups will not enjoy it. In fact, a substantial number of adults were participating in it. After scanning a personally colored picture template, you get to witness your drawing come to life.

All in all, the Art Science Museum was a pleasantly surprising trip. Before, I will never label myself as a ‘museum person’. Now, with the rise of interactive and engaging museums, I don’t see why not.

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