Project 1 : Process 1.2

Revised Concept


  • After thinking through, I tried to work around the 2D execution and simplify my concept
  • A joke, although it might seem to be serious
  • There is a surprise factor and interactivity to discover the truth about myself


Typo - Interactive Tracing Paper

I thought of using tracing paper and overlay it on top of the real attribute but the translucency gives away the ‘ironic’ surprise behind it.

Typo - TracingPaper

Pull Out

This might work the best for the surprise factor if I use something to ‘tease’ the audience and subtly direct them to discover the real me themselves.


This method might be a little hassle for the audience to flip the board around. They might also not know they are supposed to do that.



Chosen Method : ‘Pull Out’


I was inspired by the ‘Flamingo’ folding boards created by Lucy Tomkiewicz but using a full pull-in/pull-out method to simplify things.

Typo - FoldingBoard


Quick Drafts

I decided for every attribute, there will be a base background and the typography will be extended/cut off to show something is hidden. Also, by using the word ‘but..’ at the end of every attribute, the audience might wonder what it was about. I created a semi-circle opening on the right side to subtly direct them to pull the paper out.

1. “I am a gardener but..”

I planned to use bright and colourful flowers to create my name for the initial attribute as it represents ‘gardener’ and when pulled out, audience would realise that I was actually a bad gardener. Hence, for the 2nd part, it showed the flowers all dried up.

Typo - Draft1


2. “I love cats but..”

It was quite tricky to create the type using cat legs and tails but I managed to align them together. I decided to use black and white cats to reduce the complexity of identifying my name. For the base, I wanted to use the human skin texture to show our relationship with the cats.

However, after pulling out the real attribute, it was revealed that the cats actually hated me so underneath their legs were scratches left by them.

Typo - Draft2


3. “I am a sweet person but..”

I planned to use small candy bits to create my name against an aluminium foil background (this represents the candy wrapper). I was considering maple syrup instead of candy at first but I realised the liquid might drip and it did not depict ‘Sweet’ strong enough.

After pulling out, audience would see ants or insects on the candy bits, with some holes here and there to show they were eaten. This represented the fact that I did not attract people but insect instead.

Typo - Draft3


4. “I love food but..”

For the background, I wanted to use a red tomato base. As for the typography, I would use bacon strips and bits of bell peppers and veggies in the form of ‘D’ all over. Overall, the work would look like a Pizza.

When pulling the paper out, audience would see that I only left the veggies untouched to show that I was a picky eater.

Typo - Draft4


Consultation Feedbacks

– Add more lighting
– Push up the shock factor
– Make them more grotesque, gory

1. Gardener
– Different shades of soil colour
– Worms, weeds

2. Cat
– Enlarge skin texture – more contrast
– Bad skin? Hairy
– More gruesome scratches, blood dripping

3. Candy
– Add shadow : popping effect
– Use varieties of candies

4. Food
– Mouldy vegetables
– How you look at veggies



Moving Forward

From the above drafts and feedbacks, I will work a little more on the drafts before proceeding with the final ones. I also need to consider the type of paper to be used, matte or glossy? Before printing the finalised works, I am planning to test print first and make any necessary changes.


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