[2D II] Project 1 : Process 1.3

Confirmed Interactivity Method

Tracing Paper Overlay 

I wanted to make sure that this method would not work well for my concept so I tried it out once again.

Typo - Tracing paper test

Yes, I am not going to do my final works this way haha. The audience might not really get my concept as the background could not be seen. If I were to use a transparency paper as the overlay, then it would give away too much of the surprise factor.


Pull Out

Therefore, I decided to use the pull out method.
Typo - Pull out



Finalized & Confirmed Compositions

1. “I am a gardener but..”  “I am bad at it”

For the base, I decided on a healthy and fresh brown soil as compared to the 2nd panel, a cracked and dried soil. The main name would be spelt out using different types of colourful and vibrant flowers and dried/dead plants for the 2nd panel. I might also add some small details to the latter one like bugs and worms.

Typo - Final compo

I had tried to use real plants that could be found in the streets to relate to myself as something that is local and seen everyday. However, for some reason, they dried up about five minutes after I plucked them from the roots.

Then, I proceeded to artificial flowers but they were too stiff to bend to a position that I wanted so in the end, I had to do them on photoshop.

From here, I decided to just use photoshop to manipulate my images for the whole four panels so they would look nicer as a whole.

2. “I love cats but..”  “They hate me”

For the base, I decided on a human skin texture to show the relationship she had with the cats. The name would be spelt out using parts of the cats, mainly paws/legs and tails.

Also, as an improvement from the previous digital drafts, I would add some highlights on the scratches to enhance the ‘bumpy skin’ along the scratch lines and make it more realistic. Small details would be added like blood dripping and papercut-like scratches. For this piece, I would make it more gory by increasing the contrast of the scratches to a red and fresh look.

Typo - Final compo


3. “I am a sweet person but..”  “I attract bugs instead”

I would be using a candy wrapper as the background to emphasise more on the ‘sweetness’. To spell out my name, I decided on a variety of colourful and vibrant candies, mainly gummies (because I love them the most).

I also would be adding a lot (I really meant a lot!) of ants for the 2nd panel to add on the ‘itchy’ feel and hopefully spark a disgust reaction from the audience.

Typo - Final compo


4. “I love food but..”  “I am a picky eater”

For this panel, I decided to create one of my favourite food, PIZZA! Therefore, I would be using a tomato based background as the base with some bacons and veggies to spell out my name. For the 2nd panel, I wanted to leave some tomato sauce stains with the mouldy vegetables left untouched.

Typo - Final compo




Test Prints – Moving Forward


Since I knew that the colour once printed on paper would look different, I had done some test prints first and made some adjustments from there. I also printed them on an 300gsm uncoated mate white card but realised after that it was not as thick as what I had expected.

Also, when i cut/score it, there were white fine bits coming off at the sides.
Typo - Test Print

Panel 1 – To take note:

– Increase brightness & contrast slightly (both)
– The pull out section : do not cut with scissors or it will bend and tear
– Increase font size for all panels by about 2pt


Typo - Test Print

Panel 2 – To take note:
– Increase levels slightly (both)
– Increase vibrancy of scratches slightly (the pull out)


Typo - Test Print

Panel 3 – To take note:
– Increase contrast
– Increase candy vibrancy/contrast


Typo - Test Print

Panel 4 – To take note:
– Decrease base saturation slightly
– Decrease bacon’s brightness
– Add shadow on bacon & veggies (maybe use burn tool, blend in with base)
– Increase veggie contrast & brightness

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