[4D II] Exercise 4 : Narrative Voice Over

Re-create a narrative from different point of views or narrative voice using voiceovers. You are required to rework each script to at least 2 out of these POVs below:
Third person POV (Objective, limited, omniscient)
First person narrative voice (stream of consciousness, epistolary voice)

Rachel, Tiffany and I decided to use a famous scene from Titanic and added on the voice over.

1. First Person (Stream of Consciousness)
This was from the point-of-view of the female lead, Rose. We wanted to create a funny voice over of what she might actually thinks. Therefore, it was in a form of an inner voice.

2. Third Person (Omniscient)
This was in a form of a ‘bird’s eye view’. The narrator revealed to the audience of the obvious subject matter in this scene which was Trust.

However, we still thought that the scene should not have any voice overs; just the silence, brief conversations and body gestures completed them all.


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