[Art History II] Team 3 : Presentation

For our Chinese Ceramics presentation, my team and I decided to head down to the Asian Civilisations Museum for their Tang Shipwreck Gallery.

The gallery was quite small but the clear glass along the gallery had lights streaming in, as if we were really underwater. It was quite surreal to actually witness the shipwreck pieces ourselves. Even though other visitors came and went, we spent quite a long time walking around, taking down notes and pointing out possible ideas for the presentation.

art history - tang shipwreck

What intrigued me the most was the small replica ofthe ship placed in front of the gallery’s entrance. It really helped to bring out the overall ambience of the shipwreck. Also, it was interesting how the changsha bowls were displayed individually on metal rods instead of being chunked together in a glass display. I felt that the artwork was more appreciated in that way.

art history - tang shipwreck

Then, we decided to concentrate more on the maritime Silk Road of the Chinese ceramics but after the presentation, we realised that it was still too broad. We should have narrowed down to a simpler main focus and research on that point more in depth. We also had fun coming up with ways to present our slides as we knew Chinese ceramics was quite content-heavy. So we decorated our powerpoint slides, role-played and even produced our miniature ceramics. We also tried to relate the shipwreck to our modern day where containerisation and mass-production encouraged foreign exports.

art history

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2 thoughts on “[Art History II] Team 3 : Presentation”

  1. Thank you for the interesting presentation and reflection!
    I too enjoyed the role-play and the miniature bowls–I can’t believe you made all of them by yourself! What patience!
    Perhaps your team could have focused more on the objects used by the crew? After all, you dressed up as the crew and merchants and we often forget them.

    1. Yes, that is a great suggestion! We should have done that rather than rambling too much about the different ceramics (I think it was a bit boring for the class to take in all the facts). Thank you Prof!

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