[Narrative Interaction] Inspiration – Seven Digital Deadly Sins

Seven Digital Deadly Sins by Jam3 (http://sins.nfb.ca/)

An interactive documentary that explores our digital morality, exposing how we sin online.

Read stories of the digital sins
Read stories of the digital sins

A journey that reviews our sinful behaviours in the digital realm, Seven Deadly Digital Sins explores how the iconic 7 deadly sins translate in a technical age, asking us to reflect on how we feel about these questionable behaviours online, and confess if we too engage in them.

Through videos, custom illustrations, elegantly written stories, and interactive polls with realtime infographics, this variety of content lives in an organic faux 3D environment hovering weightlessly.

Videos of people telling the stories

The developers built a custom 3D rendering engine that uses CSS 3D Transforms, rendering entirely in the DOM. All of the infographics were also custom built on canvas for maximum performance.

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