[Narrative Interaction] Inspiration – Land of the Magic Flute

The Land of the Magic Flute by Fons Schiedon (http://www.landofthemagicflute.com/#start)

A contemporary adaptation of Mozart’s beloved opera ‘The Magic Flute’, presented as an animated graphic novel.

Land of the Magic Flute

Quoted from the director of this project, Fons Schiedon, “I think there is a tricky balance when comics and animation come together, because you have to be careful about the expectation you create. You can easily run into a disconnect when you give voice and movement to still characters.”

The Land of The Magic Flute emphasizes stillness rather than enhancing it. It is rich with atmospheric soundscapes and elaboratedly designed images that allow the opera to be experienced in a completely new way. I love how the overall graphic novel managed to create life both to the atmosphere and characters.

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