[Interactive 2] Process – Milestones (4 Apr)

by Putri Dina and Hannah Kwah

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Our group was trying to create a patch where when you apply pressure on the Touch sensor, we will get get values which then plays a certain audio.

We started out combining ctlin with the playlist function for Touch 1 and Touch 2. We realised that each sensor will produce values from 0 up till 255, depending on how much pressure we apply on it. So we reduced the min and max  so we get a certain range of values.

One intention next was as follows :
Press Touch 1  =  Play Audio 1
Press Touch 2 =  Play Audio 2
Press Touch 1 and 2 simultaeneously  =  Play Audio 3

However, we could not get the value that we wanted when we added Touch 1 and Touch 2 together as shown in the patch below.

We also tried to separate the gain but both audio played at the same time, something we do not want. So we sticked back to the playlist.

And even searching for a patch to start us up online.

Then, we decided to consult the Prof and he managed to helped us out to get the exact values we wanted to play the audios.

Basically, the problem with the patches that we have tried so far was because it did not return a ‘0’ when the Touch sensors are not touched.

From here, we have the basic function to get values and play files.

Moving forward
– Finalize Patch
– Finalize particles video and audio

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