[Interactive 2] Final Documentation

by Putri Dina and Hannah Kwah

Project Proposal  |  28th Mar  |  4th Apr  |  11th Apr  |  12th Apr  |  15th Apr  |  16th Apr  |  17th Apr  |  Final Documentation

Project Description
Have you passed by a cat and walked closer to interact with it? When you decided to stroke the cat, it may or may not show its temperament. Cats have sensitive spots which can trigger their mood. Such emotions include pleasure, happiness, annoyance and anger.

Through this project, our team would like to express the cat’s temperament or ‘attitude’ through sound and graphics to raise awareness about a cat’s sensitive spots when one tries to interact with them.

Main Aim
Explore human interaction with a cat and how the cat responds to certain strokes on sensitive spots.

Project Demo


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