[Internet Art & Culture] The Virtual Classroom

Having a class via Adobe Connect was a new experience for me. There were some pros and cons while using this software while everyone was individually at different places but connected online through the Third Space.

Participants waving at their webcam during the Virtual Classroom session using Adobe Connect.

Cons :

There were a lot of functions that we could use using Adobe Connect such as the chatting and video/audio communication. This, however, caused me to feel so distracted as I had to multi-task. I had to listen to Randall talking, eyeing the chat section once in awhile, and looking at videos of my classmates, all at the same time.

Since we were using technology to conduct the class, there would always be technical issues along the way. These included feedbacks and microphone malfunctions. I think fixing these issues wasted a lot of precious time.

Pros :
Some of us might feel so awkward when voicing out their opinions in class as everyone would look at you. However, online, I was able to ignore all the stares and just focused on myself as I answered Randall’s questions. Everyone had a chance to answer and I think that was a positive thing in terms of class participatory.

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  1. Multi-Tasking & Distraction

    I’m fascinated by your preference for uni-tasking rather than multi-tasking

    You mentioned that you were distracted as you had to do all of the following at the same :

    1. listen to Randall talking
    2. eye the chat section once in awhile
    3. look at videos of classmates

    I wonder what you found distracting—the ongoing chat or live video feed of your classmates (or both)? If both, which is more distracting? It is interesting that you did not find the live video feed of yourself distracting. One user previously mentioned how she kept looking at herself on Adobe Connect.

    I ask these questions for I’m always amazed by how many undergraduates can listen to the professor, while reading off the screen and recording information into their mobile devices (with several apps running), all while holding a conversation with several friends (online and onsite).

    Even at B1-14 right now, I see a number of dyads (pairs of students) and triads (three students) discussing their work. Three students are asking neighbours for help. Four are making wild gestures in their seats. One student is asking Randall a question.

    There is a hive of activity at B1-14, with 5 clusters of students in discussion—yet, no one appears to be distracted.

    Everyone is highly focused and engaged on the task.

    Could you please help me understand why aspects of Adobe Connect distract, while the hive of activity at B-14 does not?

    Fixing Issues Wastes Precious Time

    What if say these issues are ironed out in subsequent online lessons? How would a glitch-free Adobe Connect lesson affect your online learning experience?

    Would you therefore still prefer going to B1-14, to avoid the potential technical issues you may experience on Adobe Connect? In other words, is it worth the effort to B1-14, in order to avoid the technical glitches.

    Feeling Awkward Voicing Opinions in Class with Everyone Looking

    Do prefer your classmates to look at you at B1-14 in person, rather than onscreen? I ask this because we all look at the speaker at B-14, so I wonder why when we look at you on Adobe Connect, it feels so much more awkward for you.

    At B1-14, we also have to ignore our classmates’ stares and focus on articulating our ideas. I see these parallels between online and onsite learning, as Adobe Connect tries to replicate the classroom experience. Yet, speaking on Adobe Connect feels more awkward.

    Would it be less awkward if you could turn off the webcam and speak into the microphone on Adobe Connect?

    Class Participation: Everyone has Chance to Answer

    This is the most pertinent point you raised in learning art online. Do you think that there is more opportunity to participate online (Adobe Connect) or onsite (at B1-14)? Do you prefer participating online or onsite? Why?

    Terima kasih.

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