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The Other World of the Desktop – OBS
A Micro-Project


After broadcasting online for quite a number of times, I am already used to people watching me live. This project was the most interesting one so far as I had the chance to customise the way I wanted my screen to display. I spent quite a while organising the desktop with different filters using OBS.

The chroma key was my preferred function of all because layering different media sources added depth into my desktop. The moment I started to stream and went live, I had this sense of achievement as I was putting out whatever I had arranged and planned into the internet for the public to see.

It was a shame that my live streaming got cut off before it even reaches the fifth minute. I was still carrying out my activities without knowing that my live had stopped. Overall, it was an engrossing experience as I was too absorbed into editing and going live that I did not even realise that my macbook’s fan noise was running excessively until I decided I had enough footages.

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