[Internet Art & Culture] Final Project – Technical Test II

Technical Test II

Group Members
Dina, Tiffany, Valerie, Siew Hwa

Proof of Concept

Technical Test TwoInternet Art & CultureDa Crews :Dina Anuar, Val Lay, Siewhua Tan, Tiffany Anne

Posted by Dina Anuar on Wednesday, 1 November 2017

The Materials
We had created some videos as additional materials to be used during our live streaming. These includes static TV and glitched names as transitions when the OBS controller switches between screens.

Screenshot of creating the glitch/static videos

We did not manage to prepare sound effects such as sirens beforehand but we will include some sort of environmental sounds to enhance the overall context.

The Bandwidth
The individual broadcasters had no issues when it comes to latency but in OBS, there was only about a minute of lagging after I started the streaming. After that minute, everything went smoothly.

The Visuals
Individual broadcasters (Val, Tiffany and Siewhua) had to start off by going live first for the OBS controller (myself) to grab their feeds. However, we managed to control this by only lifting off the ‘No Signal’ static screen on OBS when someone is ready.

OBS Controller removed ‘No Signal’ video off Val’s grid.

One my screens in OBS had an overlay of my webcam with Siewhua’s live-stream and it was completely unplanned when she was directing her camera towards the landscape outside her window. As at the same time, I also had a delay-effect on my webcam. Both ‘glitchiness’ created a nice harmony.

Siewhua was shooting the landscape outside her window when Dina’s webcam overlapped with hers.
Again, the overlap created an abstract overall look.

Another point we would like point out was the spontaneous disappearance of Val from her grid. Although she had informed us earlier that she wanted to go and turn on her air-conditioner on, it was coincidental when I decided to switch the screen to fully show her grid when she left her camera. This reminds me of Jennicam!

Val disappeared?

The Audio
Beforehand, I had informed the others to use earbuds to avoid any feedbacks. This worked. But we realised that none of us were talking and we have not implemented the background audio effects yet so our test was pretty.. silent.

Everyone’s grids! Tiffany was away for a moment.

OBS Crashing
Just when I wanted to try co-broadcasting with Siewhua using my mobile phone, the OBS software crashed at the 10th minute. And I had realized why after we decided to go live once again to solve this issue.

Every time I switched the screen to fully show my screen, it crashed. I probably had to many media sources overlapping one another. Or perhaps, I was using the OBS’ webcam as there were no issues when I switched screens to fully show the others. For the next technical test, I need to try using my mobile phone instead.

Moving Forward
The following are important points that we should take note of develop further :

– add on background sound effects
– develop our concept so we can interact with one another and not just stay silent
– how can we communicate with each other?
– trying out co-broadcasting (with live viewers)
– implement glitches and filters more for each live feed

Individual Live Screens


Dina ask me live again

Posted by Siewhua Tan on Wednesday, 1 November 2017


Pulling a long face. Please bear with it #technicaltest

Posted by Val Lay on Wednesday, 1 November 2017




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