[Interactive Spaces] EX #1 – “Eye See You”

Eye See You
By Hannah Kwah & Putri Dina Andyana

The main objective of this project is to create a space or an object which allows room for connection between two people. No technology is allowed. 

Brainstorm Sketches
Idea #1 – Unsynchronised Fingers

The first idea is to experiment with our finger movements but instead of the other person mimicking what the first does, we wanted to try the opposite. Fingers on person A will be connected randomly to person B’s fingers using sticks or small planks. When one person moves her one finger, another finger on Person B will move along.

Idea #2 – Human Train

The second idea is similar to the first idea but we are using legs instead. Hence, it sort of creates a human train motion. Planks will be attached to the legs.

Idea #3 – Face Torturing

Clips will be attached to different parts of the face and if one person wants to “torture” the other person or if he accidentally makes a move, one of the clips will get pulled off.

Idea #4 – Maintaining Eye Contact

One of the things that disconnects the connection between two people or strangers is when they break the eye contact made. So for this idea, we wanted to maintain that eye contact instead by forcing them to look into each other’s eyes for as long as we can without them realising it. We will create a pair of “binoculars” using a box and attach a magnifying glass to each end to create the factor which makes them hold on to the eye contact (even if it is done indirectly).

Idea #5 – Shoe Expander

There will be 2 cardboard shoes with a spring that is used on a wallet. The users will be able to interact by moving close or further depending on the maximum distance of the spring. They could also walk together at different distances.

Idea #6 – Touchy Feely

There will be a long box with a fluffy material inside and the users will have to put their hands inside. They could just feel the material inside or touch each other hands depending on how comfortable they would be in the touch factor.

Idea #7 – Bamboo Dance

2 bamboo poles will be given to the users to hold. They could place it on the floor or lift it up or hold in the middle or however they would like to interact.

Final Concept
After much consideration, we decided to go for the fourth idea but tweaked the concept slightly. We wanted to challenge the notion of breaking eye contact between two people or strangers by creating a space that maintains it instead.

A rectangular box will be made with a pair of holes at each end of the box. This is wear the audience will be placing their eyes on. On one of the holes, a magnifying glass is attached to it to create an enlarged eye seen from the other end of the box. This forms curiosity as they two people stare at each other, especially at the magnified eye.

We will also be attaching strings in the inner part of the box so it can be shortened and elongated. The purpose of this is to manipulate the space. While both audiences may be too focused on each other’s eyes, they may not be able to tell the distance between them. 

Behind the Scenes

The Structure

Firstly, we used cardboard boxes to create the initial structure of the “binoculars”. We also had to keep in mind the diameter size of the magnifying glass so it snugs inside the box.

Eye Holes and Magnifying Glass
Then we created holes on each end of the box and attached the magnifying glasses.

Expandable Mechanism and Touch Ups
We then attached strings in the inner side of the box to create a stopping point for the two halves of the boxes. We had realised the mistake made here as we had attached the eye holes before we could tie the strings inside.

Lastly, we added windows on top of each end of the box so light is able to enter. This helps the audience to see the eyes clearly.

Final Look

Audience Interaction

Final Documentation Video


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