[PDP] Reading Reflection – “Designing for the Digital Age”

Designing for the Digital Age
by Kim Goodwin

“Goal-Directed Product and Service Design”
In today’s age, life has become much less manual and a lot convenient for people all around the globe that have active access to the innovations of digital tools and experiences. They are so closely attached with our lives because half the efforts that we have to make in our daily lives in order to sustain and expand are now being done and completed by technological gadgets, machines and services. For example, the introduction of an iPhone allows one to browse through the internet on the spot whenever he/she might need it for assistance and relevant information. Continue reading [PDP] Reading Reflection – “Designing for the Digital Age”

[Interactive Spaces] Proposal Presentation – Broken Nation

The Context

The “Fall of Singapore”
Singapore has always been portrayed as a successful and developed country but there was a point in time where the nation lost in a battle and fell into the hands of the Japanese. By using the World War II, I would like to retell the experiences and recounts by people of that time. Continue reading [Interactive Spaces] Proposal Presentation – Broken Nation

[PDP] Reading Reflection – “Thoughtful Interaction Design”

Thoughtful Interaction Design
by  Jonas Löwgren and Erik Stolterman


The introduction of Jonas Löwgren and Erik Stolterman’s book, Thoughtful Interaction Design, gave a comprehensive overview of what constitutes a “good designer” and concepts which one should hold while producing an artwork. Although the term “good designer” or “good design” is very subjective, we can view a designed digital artefact as a consequence of a design process due to the reflective thoughts of the designer. Continue reading [PDP] Reading Reflection – “Thoughtful Interaction Design”