[Internet Art & Culture] The Other World of the Desktop

The Other World of the Desktop – OBS
A Micro-Project


After broadcasting online for quite a number of times, I am already used to people watching me live. This project was the most interesting one so far as I had the chance to customise the way I wanted my screen to display. I spent quite a while organising the desktop with different filters using OBS. Continue reading [Internet Art & Culture] The Other World of the Desktop

[Internet Art & Culture] Alter Ego

Video Double – Facebook Live
A Micro-Project

Internet Art & Culture – Alter Ego (This is for a school assignment, please ignore, thanks)

Posted by Dina Anuar on Thursday, 24 August 2017

A Cat Whisperer
Social media has been a platform for us to express ourselves, especially what we think we should be perceived as. Although it is true that I love cats, I would sometimes exaggerate myself as a ‘Cat Lady’ online by posting photos of my cats.
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[Internet Art & Culture] Real-Time Aggregation

Social Broadcasting – Facebook Live
A Micro-Project

Social Broadcasting for ADM Internet Art & Culture.

Posted by Dina Anuar on Thursday, 17 August 2017


Project Description
Each student was asked to broadcast via Facebook Live and search for interesting visuals while walking around the school for 15 minutes. At the end of the broadcast, all live feeds of the students would be arranged in a grid to form a ‘video wall’.

The main purpose of this project was to explore how multiple broadcasting was able to change our perspective in viewing the piece as a single work. Continue reading [Internet Art & Culture] Real-Time Aggregation