Final Project : Revenge of the Behrs


Folktale : Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Group Members : Putri Dina, Tiffany Rosete, Rachel Fong, Soh Zhimin

Artistic Statement
Our modern spin on the tale Goldilocks is a social commentary on the juvenile behaviour of youth in today’s society. The media and popular culture often portrays their characters in a distorted way. Stealing and dishonest acts are glorified and deemed as “badass”.

The original Goldilocks has done the same thing as Goldilocks escapes the consequences of trespassing. Our work tries to depict a more realistic version of how the tale would unravel  in real life (especially relevant in a morally upright country like Singapore)

The main protagonist Goldie Lux is recruited as an undercover spy on a mission to steal the secret recipe from the leading porridge company “Behr”. She enlists the help of her hacker friend Kim to help her gain access to the company building. However, she does not get too far in retrieving the recipe as she is seen and caught by the company CEOs.

Project 2 : Nursery Rhyme

Nursery Rhyme
The lyrics to a nursery rhyme can be quite whimsical and nonsensical. The main objective of this project is to move beyond cliche solutions to narrate a chosen nursery rhyme using images. I wanted to move away from creating literal images.

Nursery Rhyme - Display

Hence, I chose to do a concept of ‘Crime’ investigation where I let my audience to decide what is happening or will happen next. My aim was to raise questions in the audience’s mind as he views these pieces.


1. “The cow jumped over the moon” I created an outer space environment by placing a galaxy background with a small Earth on the top left side of the image. To balance it out, I placed an astronaut and a cow corpse on the bottom right. These two elements are at a bigger scale to give a sense of depth.

Nursery Rhyme - 1


2. “Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep”

Instead of placing a girl that represents ‘Little Bo Peep’, I only used her props for this image to add on to the mystery. With the ‘Butcher Shop’ door on the right side, I also placed a pair of shoes in a lighter shade in front of it to create contrast. To balance everything out, a cane is rested against the wall and a streetlamp is hung above it on the left side.

Nursery Rhyme - 2


3. “And the dish ran away with the spoon”
I created an eerie forest environment with ‘Wanted’ and ‘Missing posters stuck on the trees. These posters are in a lighter shade as compared to the trees to create contrast. They also acted as the focal point.. I applied the one-third rule where the tree in the foreground is slightly shifted to the right the whole image will not be too jarring.

Nursery Rhyme - 3


4. “Humpty Dumpty had a great fall”

With the Crime concept in mind, I created a white outline of the egg (Humpty Dumpty) as if an accident had occurred. To compliment that, I also added a number 1 card next to it as the first ‘clue’. I let the background remain as bricks to show the exact place this accident took place. Lastly, I balanced out with a soldier investigating the scene on the right side of the image.

Nursery Rhyme - 4