Project 1b: Fire and Ice

In the poem, ‘Fire’ and ‘Ice’ are used as symbols to portray ‘Passion/Desire’ and ‘Hatred’ respectively. They are two sides of the human trait that can result to destruction. Hence, I first set a dark setting to my set of images as destruction is something that is bad, evil and unforgiving. Then I created a story by carefully choosing out the right images to compose them into one whole scene.

Our passion and desire define our animal nature. When someone desires something so bad, he will turn into this ferocious, wild and untamed beast to get just what he wanted. He will not care what the consequences would be. Over time, this desire turns into greed, where he will become competitive and creates enemy on the path. As more people develop the same needs, the world turns into a complete chaos.

Hence, my image has three black cats that represent those beasts, greedy for things they desire. If they want the same thing, they will fight for it. Locked in a cage is a helpless white angel, a representation of the last untouched subject wanted by the beasts. The city shown in the background depicts our ‘world’, which has the possibility to crumble down.

The poem also argues that human mind and intelligence can turn the world into a cold, concrete and uninhabitable jungle. These people are hungry for power and will commit terrible acts to gain that. As shown in my picture is a man dressed in a suit who portrays the ‘intelligence’. He is wearing a mask as a protection from the cold mess he created. He is seen hypnotizing a skeleton, which represents the weak inhabitants of the world, using the power he attained.

Over time, these people will take control of the world.

Fire and Ice
Fire and Ice
As times passes, both ‘Fire’ and ‘Ice’ obtain more power. This is shown in the image where an evolution takes place; black cats turned into panthers while normal man turned into an ugly and distorted creature. As they merge together, they overturn the world into a complete wasteland, once and for all.

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