Project 1 : Line Expressions

Final Presentation
A line is a dot that went for a walk. This project is about using lines to create concept and interpret topics given.

Line Expressions(full display)

Line Expressions - Close Up Line Expressions - Close Up(close up)

Top 3 Favourite
The following are my personal three favourite line expressions.

1. Anxious
Anxious is a feeling of distress and uneasiness, where we tend to think too much. At this state, it feels as if our mind gets so cloudy as random thoughts pass through. Therefore, I created a murky concept marked with indistinct masses and streaks using a metal dish scrubber.


2. Bizarre
In my opinion, Bizarre can be expressed as something that is so overwhelming, where many things are happening at the same time. This can also result in confusion. Hence, I used a number of different materials that left imprints on the canvas to create this concept. This includes the use of masking tape, dish scrubber, palette knife and scrunched up paper. However, from the feedback I received, I should have left some traces of the materials onto the canvas to add on to that ‘Bizarre’ concept.



3. Fragile
Fragile can be expressed as something that is thin, delicate and can shatter at the slightest touch. Hence, I used scrunched up paper to lightly dab on black ink onto the canvas. I made sure the imprints looked as if they are not there but they are. The broken lines created by the texture of the paper also added on to that concept.